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This is comprehensive work which clears blocks and strengthens your subtle systems. Because angels and other light beings visit you to do your healing work, you can heal anywhere in the world. You don't need to be in an office with me for this to work. You feel the same energy shift. Your healing team remains with you for several days.

Let's talk. I offer a free 15-minute consultation where you can tell me what's going on. Whether you are seeking enhanced well-being, are in crisis or anywhere in between, I lend an understanding ear and then offer suggestions about how I may assist you. I look forward to talking with you.

SoulWorks Renew

Angel of the Waters, Central Park, NYC

This is where you start on this journey of healing and greater connection with your soul, that inner self you call you, your true nature. Everyone starts with SoulWorks Renew to get stabilized and create a foundation for well-being, energy and clarity. This session is about getting you balanced, steadied and renewed in the midst of challenges in your life. We cover enough bases to really shift things. This is a strengths-based approach. We create at once a healthy energy field from which you become empowered to heal.

We do a lot in this 90-minute session. We discuss your soul history, supportive archangel realms and close soul family, a way of giving you a broad picture of yourself. Then angels get to work removing often longstanding obstacles to progress. Your chakras and corresponding subtle systems get fully healed. And of course we discuss pressing issues on your mind. You and your home and vehicle are cleared and shielded by angels who can travel anywhere in the world to help you.

SoulWorks Renew is the prerequisite for other services.

More Energy Work: Heal Your World

Family Tree.jpg

Because our lives are connected with our family and companion animals, our soul work is not complete without helping those around us. We rise together. These services create balance, ease and clarity in your life and the lives of others. When we do energy clearing and healing for those in our environment, we heal ourselves as well. We thrive as a whole. 


We enhance smooth functioning and success in many aspects of your life including your business, organization, school and the many events and interests of your life: travel, house sale, weddings and other social events, team sports, surgery, elder care... Just about any situation, group or facility can be supported by this work.

SoulWorks Renew is a prerequisite for most of these services. Check with Liz.

Space Energy Clearing for Home & Work

Person Rolling Suitcase in Airport

We create peaceful, positive spaces for you. Homes, apartments, land and vehicles store the energy of their occupants. Especially when there have been prior occupants, it's important to clear away any negative energy from the space so you feel comfortable and secure. Then the cleared and shielded spaces will reflect your energy and support you.


I don't need to visit homes, buildings, land or vehicles to do this work. Because the actual clearing work is done by the angelic realms, I just need to analyze the situation by looking into the Akashic Records. In addition to looking for any negative energy, we analyze geopathic stress from underground running water, faults and planetary ley lines.


Once we have an analysis of the property, I make a prayer request to the angels who get to work clearing and shielding the property. 

Want to make travel easier? We also clear and shield lodging and conveyances to create peaceful, positive environments for your trip. Hotels, planes, ships... You get the idea.

Soul Retrieval: Heal after Trauma

Soul Retrieval.jpg

Feeling anxious, depressed or disconnected from life? Having trouble sleeping or getting things done? Reoccurring health problem that just doesn't seem to improve? You may be in a state of disassociation created as a natural protection during a traumatic event, but you got stuck there afterwards. We can get you unstuck and moving forward again.

Soul retrieval is an ancient and natural way to heal trauma. We all experience bumps along the road, many from which we recover and others that linger. With this traditional approach, you connect with nature to heal, supported by holistic counselling as we look at associated issues. We are wired to heal from trauma if we have proper support. This process provides that support.


Two sessions, usually one week apart, gets your soul back into wholeness so you can more effectively do your inner healing work. Your spirit guides and power animals support you with this unique and empowering approach to an ancient method of healing that reconnects you to life.

Intuitive Reading & Holistic Counselling

Intuitive Reading.jpg

It's crucial to your well-being to locate and express your own inner voice. It is the voice of your soul. Liz works with you and your spirit guides, and accesses the Akashic Records to help you gain insight, resolve problems and clarify your direction.


These are creative sessions in which we examine issues from a variety of angles, giving you added insight as you move forward in your life. As with all sessions, holistic counselling helps you explore and deal with issues you face. This is a client-centered process. In other words, I'm not going to tell you what to do. You are captain of your own ship. I'm just here to help when you need it. I also don't predict the future. I help you create your own future.

Soul History: We provide insight into your relationship dynamics with loved ones, friends and more difficult people. We access soul background and history of relationship with you to provide context and clarity. I research more soul histories in my practice than any other service because clients find them so helpful.

Colour Therapy

Colour Therapy.jpg

Colour is powerful vibrational healer. Colour strengthens and supports healing for undernourished chakras and other subtle systems. My favorite approach is the use of colour therapy tinted glasses, worn therapeutically for a period of time daily while you heal. Then you have the glasses on hand for whenever you need a boost from colour.

We look at correlated chakra - colour strengths and weakness specific to your needs for healing as part of the session. You will know which colour glasses to order, as well as receive recommendations for food, clothing and house decorating that will bring more healing colour into your life. 

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