Start with SoulWorks Renewal

Renewal: The state of becoming new, fresh and strong again. 

This is where you start on this journey of healing and greater attunement with your soul, that inner self you call you, your true nature. Everyone starts with SoulWorks Renewal to get stabilized and create a foundation for well-being, energy and clarity.

SoulWorks Renewal is the prerequisite for energy clearing other aspects of your life, like family, companion animals, events and business clearings, as well as soul retrieval. 

First contact me for a free consultation. We can chat a bit to identify what you would like to do and  how I can meet your needs. If we discover that we are in a soul agreement to work together, usually the best place to start is with SoulWorks Renewal. 

This session is about getting you balanced, steadied and renewed in the midst of challenges in your life. We cover enough bases to really shift your life. This is a strengths-based approach. We create at once a healthy energy field from which you become empowered to heal.

Ninety-minute session, done online or by phone, includes:

  1. Energy Clearing. Removal of negative energy and blocks from current and past situations. Clients report a wave of relief and freedom when the angels lift out and dissipate obstructive energy. You get protective shielding and permanent angelic support.

  2. Chakra and Aura Clearing. Angels do comprehensive clearing, repair and balancing of all chakra and aura systems to remove old patterns and create a subtle system reset. Have 40 or 60 major chakras, as many Lightworkers do? You can see that a 7-chakra model isn't really going to do it for you if you have expanded systems. We analyze all your systems and describe them to you, and then the angels and brotherhood of light get to work clearing and healing it all. Literally a fresh start.

  3. Insight. Clarity on questions important to you. Clients often say their new understanding of themselves, others and events is what they love most about this work. 

  4. House and Vehicle Energy Clearing. We clear negative energy, creating positive, protected environments for your home and vehicle.

  5. Supporting prayers and affirmations for home use.