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Get a fresh start

 Get more in touch with your soul for greater clarity, energy, health and balance. You get support from angels and Liz Tisdel to help you center yourself from within.

Energy Clearing 

Holistic Counseling 

Soul Retrieval

Colour & Art Therapies




Soul - Centered


Get a Fresh Start

SoulWorks Renewal creates a foundation for well-being with energy clearing for you and your home, chakra repair and insight. Let's get to work solving problems.


Energy Work

Create a foundation for health and balance with SoulWorks Renewal. Then assist your world with family, pet, business and travel clearings.

Holistic Counselling

Looking to connect more with your inner compass, your soul? We explore your relationships, career path, health, spirit guides

and work to resolve issues.

Soul Retrieval

Feeling disconnected from yourself?  We work with nature and holistic counselling to reestablish well-being after you experience trauma.

Colour Therapy

Colour strengthens and supports undernourished chakras and other subtle systems. Wearing colour therapy glasses makes it easy and fun to heal.