Lotus symbolizes the full range of growth of consciousness.

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Get in touch with your soul for greater clarity, energy and balance. 

Chakra and Aura Healing

Colour Therapy

Companion Animal Energy Healing

Family Tree Energy Healing

Holistic Counselling

Soul Retrieval

Space Clearing

All sessions online or by phone.

Family Tree & Me Energy Clearing 

We can help ourselves and the world by healing our relationships at the fundamental basis of society, the family. When we heal intergenerational conflict, we support peace in the world.

This 2-hour session offers energy healing to your entire past and present life families, many people/souls wherever they may be. This extended clearing and healing is done by angels skilled in subtle system repair. 


This is a streamlined session, allowing us to get quickly to transformative family dynamics, necessary to meet the needs of the time. We:

  • remove energetic obstacles, 

  • repair chakra and aura subtle systems,

  • clear and shield homes, and

  • identify and begin healing family patterns.


You can support family thanksgiving and forgiveness later with a prayer and simple ceremony, done at your convenience (instructions included).


If you need reduced fees, see Alternative Fees on the Services page.

Holistic SoulWorks with Liz Tisdel

Holistic SoulWorks offers a profound reconnection with your inner core, your soul. I've been helping clients for 27 years have those ah-ha moments as they explore their inner self. I am a Holistic Health Practitioner, IPHM and AADP certified, with a MA in Counselling. More...


I offer a free 15-minute consultation so we can chat. Let's discuss what you want for healing. I can suggest an approach. If it's a fit, we can set up an appointment.


I look forward to talking with you,




Distance Energy Healing

Create a foundation for health and balance with Family Tree & Me or SoulWorks Renewal. Then assist your world with pet, business, event, and travel energy clearings.

Holistic Counselling

Looking to connect more with your inner compass, your soul? We explore relationships, career, health and spirit guides and work to resolve issues.

Soul Retrieval

Feeling disconnected from yourself?  We work with nature and holistic counselling to reestablish well-being after you experience trauma.