Angels in Work Boots
Healing Your Subtle Systems

Learn about working with angels, loving beings of light who are here to help us. Liz's chapter in the A Guiding Light anthology gives a grounded approach to interacting with angels and correlates them with chakras and colours.


Want Archangel Michael to help you figure out something? Michael helps at the 6th chakra from which we perceive and understand, and is strengthened with the colour indigo. You can put on your blue jeans, eat some blueberries and have a chat with Archangel Michael's realm of discernment and protection. There are eleven other archangel realms waiting to help you from their fields of expertise, ready at your informed request.

Holiday season is upon us. This is a time when angels come alive for people. We sing about them and decorate with them. Help a loved one enjoy angels in a very real way with Angels in Work Boots: Healing your Subtle Systems.