Businesses, schools and organizations depend on smooth, harmonious functioning and positive relationships. This is a group clearing for management, employees, teachers and students. Everyone who works or goes to school there is offered clearing and shields of protection by the angelic realms. Angels work behind the scenes to support a positive place where all will thrive and grow.


Five soul scans for people of your choice are included with this session to help you better understand relationship dynamics.


All buildings and property are also cleared of negative energy and given shields of protection to create positive, healthy environments.


In addition to businesses and schools, we can support other types of organizations: non-profits, volunteer and service organizations, sports teams, your favorite restaurant or bar... You get the idea. If there is a group, we can offer clearing and support. (About $60 or 90 USD)

Business, School & Organization Energy Clearing

PriceFrom C$80.00
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