We naturally share experiences with our soul family, that group of souls into which we were born. We intuitively feel a great affinity with them. This can be both comforting and overwhelming if we are sharing issues.


Feelings become amplified, making it harder to heal as we tackle problems on a soul level for the whole group. These spontaneously shared experiences, often felt during sleep, can create anxiety, sleep disturbances and poor health, often without being able to pinpoint a direct cause. This subconscious sharing of issues can create long-standing problems that we are at a loss to resolve.


This session identifies shared issues and offers clearing of negative energy, healing and protection for your entire soul group. Once the group is assisted, your individual healing is more effective. Pesky problems, which may not have been healed with other work, are eased when your empathy with your soul group is given a format and the whole group is helped.


Five soul scans are included with this session. We identify those souls we are closest to within the larger group. These are people for whom we feel an immediate affinity, caring and desire to help in a way that nourishes both. You can provide a list of up to five people you think might be in your soul family and I will check soul histories to see if indeed they are part of your soul family. (About $60 USD)

Soul Family Energy Healing

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