I access the Akashic Records for perspective on people at the soul level. This is a quick scan of soul status and history of relationship with you. A soul scan can explain why we feel drawn to or repelled by another. We also check motivations which can help you understand relationship dynamics.


This brief session shines light on your intuition about people and situations, allowing you to better understand what's going on and then make informed decisions. Whether a relationship is wonderful or makes you want to scream, we can shed light on your background together and how to proceed (or not).


I do more soul scans and relationship readings than any other work.  Clients find insight into romantic, work, friend and family relationships to be helpful in navigating life with direction and widsom.


(About US$8)


If you want a more in-debt discussion of a relationship, please schedule a Relationship Reading for either 30 or 60 minutes.

Soul Scan

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