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Want to expand your healing skills? Holistic SoulWorks 2 is advanced energy clearing, building on what you learned in Holistic SoulWorks 1: Energy Work Foundation and your practice with this work for others over a period of time. As well as learning new skills, we reflect on your experiences with clients (maintaining their confidentiality of course).


Holistic SoulWorks 2 can be taken as a course or segmented into workshops. If you choose workshops, you can take them all or choose the ones you want. The course and workshops are taught online. This is what you learn:


  • Advanced Energy Clearing: Family Tree, Soul Family, Animal, Business, Events, Transportation & Lodging

  • Intuitive Skills: Spirit Guide & Intuitive Readings

  • Soul Retrieval & holistic counselling skills

Holistic SoulWorks 1: Energy Work Foundation is a prerequisite for Holistic SoulWorks 2: Advanced Energy Work.

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